Young girls racing in track chairs

The 2020 Endeavor Games will offer eleven sport competitions. Athletes must submit their results and a picture/video in order to receive their t-shirt and medal.

Athletes are welcome to sign up for any and all challenges that they have the equipment/space to complete. All challenges must be started, completed, and submitted sometime during June 4-June 7. We encourage you to complete these challenges while following the COVID-19 response guidelines designated by your city, county, and/or state.

Man shooting archery with mouth pull tab

Athletes will shoot 36 arrows at whatever distance is available to them (no less than 10m), indoors or outdoors. Archers who are able to shoot at 50m or 70m will also have their scores submitted to USA Archery’s virtual tournament. All athletes should follow range safety rules and regulations.

Information to submit to type of bow, distance, indoor/outdoor, score, target face, picture/video of you shooting.

Man shooting air rifle
Air Rifle Shooting

Athletes will shoot 40 pellets at a distance 10m. All athletes should follow range safety rules and regulations.

Information to submit to target, score, picture/video of you shooting.

Man cycling on an upright bike

Athletes will race a 5K on the cycle of their choosing, indoors (Zwift, rollers) or outdoors.

Information to submit to type of cycle, indoor (Zwift)/indoor (rollers)/outdoor, time, picture/video of you racing.

Man playing sitting volleyball
Sitting Volleyball
Athletes will continuously set a balloon, a beach ball, or a volleyball (depending on their strength and ability), without catching or dropping the ball, as many times as they can in three minutes. Athletes should complete this challenge seated, and record the highest number of continuous sets within the 3-minute period.

Information to submit to type of ball used, number of continuous sets, picture/video of you setting the ball.
Woman diving into pool

Athletes will swim 25m, 50m, or both in whatever pool they have access to.

Information to submit to distance, time, picture/video of you swimming.

Kids playing wheelchair basketball
Wheelchair Basketball
Athletes will complete as many free throws as they can in one minute at whatever basketball goal they have access to.

Information to submit to number of free throws completed, picture/video of you shooting
Young girls running track
Athletes will choose to race 100m, 400m, or both, indoors (treadmill, rollers) or outdoors.

Information to submit to seated/standing, distance, time, indoor/outdoor, picture/video of you racing.
Woman throwing seated javelin
Athletes will throw (like a shot put) a baseball, a softball, or a soup can based on your strength and ability, outdoors.

Information to submit to seated/standing, item you threw, distance, picture/video of you throwing.
Young girl racing in track chair
Athletes will complete a 5K by walking or running, indoors or outdoors.

Information to submit to walking/running, indoor/outdoor, time, picture/video of you completing the 5K
Girl racing in her track chair
Team Challenge

Athletes will be placed on teams consisting of 10 athletes total. Each athlete will cycle, run, walk, etc. on their own, and will add their distances each week with their teammate’s distances. The first team to reach the goal distance (the distance between UCO and Turnstone, 864 miles) WINS! The challenge will begin Wednesday, May 13, and will end Sunday, June 7.


Examples of teams include Hanger Clinic, OKASA, Wichita Adaptive Sports, Army, Navy, OKC VA, etc.

Young man playing wheelchair softball
Athletes will compete one on one, and the tournaments will be double elimination. Brackets will be split up based on age. Athletes will choose which console they have and what game or games they want to participate in.

Consoles: PlayStation 4; Xbox
Games: Madden 2020; NBA 2K20; FIFA
Man shooting archery

In addition to the eleven sport competitions, the 2020 Endeavor Games will also offer twelve sport clinics. Clinics available will be archery, boccia, nordic skiing, paratriathlon, powerlifting, cycling, swimming, goalball, ambulatory track and field, seated track and field, wheelchair tennis, wheelchair rugby, and wheelchair football.